The River Teifi is dying

  • Sewage and chemicals are polluting our river and not enough is being done to stop it. The Teifi has been the lifeblood of our area for centuries - it is madness that this desecration has been permitted to happen. See the About page for our Aims and Objectives and our New leaflet here.
  • More information can be found in the First Meeting Report and on the Main Resources and News pages.
  • Other Meeting Reports - See them on this Link

    Our Rescue Plan - See our Actions list:

    1. Join our Friends of the Teifi group, and come to Our next meeting:     Date and Venue TBA
      Get involved with these Specific issues to raise awareness; plan activities and actions:
      1. Engagement with community; (Link: Engagement with the Community – Teifi-Forum) - See Leaflet Here and New leaflet here
      2. Political pressure; (Link: Political Pressure – Teifi-Forum) - See SavetheTeifi petition
      3. Citizen science; (Link: Citizen science – Teifi-Forum)
      4. Recycling urine (PISHO): (Link: Recycling Urine – Teifi-Forum) - See Pisho Leaflet here.
    2. Respect our river. Find out About it, Visit it, learn its History, take children to play by it, share photos. (See Gallery - for a birds eye view of the length of the Teifi). Report problems to NRW and Welsh Water
    3. The responsibility for pollution, rivers and water lies with the Welsh Government. Write to them urging them so save our river.
    4. Sign appropriate petitions (e.g.s SavetheTeifi, RiverActionUK, SAS, Greenpeace,
    5. Start Monitoring the Teifi and its Tributaries - Use an App on your phone to record information in the field to send to the West Wales Rivers Trust. Join an Adopt a Tributary Group: contact Nathaniel James of the Teifi Restoration Project if you wish to join in.
    6. Contrbute to national causes eg: Good Law Project

    Forum - Click Here For Short Cut To Forum Topics

    New - Help Plans to Reduce Pollution

    Extra Special News:

    Sewage Spill Events in 2022

    for Selected Sites along the Lower Teifi

    This data has been collated and turned into visual and instantly accessible calendar format by Callum Firth - Chair of the Save the Teifi Steering Group.

    See Latest Welsh News:

    'Raw sewage' enters Teifi via Cardigan town centre outflow

    Emerging News:

    Scientists call for action to save The Teifi

    Science News:

    New Scientist Explains many of the pollution problems on the River Teifi